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Wake up!

We are have something in common each of the 7 days per week and 365 days per year. We do this each day that ends in "y". We have since the day we were born.

We enter a new day.

As adults many of you dred this.

You view the alarm as evil. You think to yourself, "I have to get up..."

This needs to change.

You have to live the day so you might as well LOVE the day. If nothing else happens during the day you need to STOP viewing getting up as a chore and start viewing it as an opportunity.

I GET to get up!

No more, HAVE. Change it to GET!

I actually thought about this today. My alarm was going off and I caught myself having the thought, my first thought of the day no less, "Now I have to get up...."

I caught myself pretty quick and smiled a little inside as I CHANGED MY THOUGHTS (this is choice by the way) to one of opportunity.

I got ready a little quicker with a little more swagger. I had better interactions at my fitness class. I planned out my day a little. I listen to a podcast with more intent.

The day has been, and will be better.

All because I decided to view getting up as an opportunity and not an obligation.

I have free will and with this free will I choose to view my day and my life as an opportunity.

You should too. Hope that helps.

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