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Empower Meal Prep Subscription: How to update

THANK YOU for signing up for a weekly subscription with Empower Meal Prep. We are truly grateful that you have committed to us!

In exchange for your commitment to ordering each week we are pleased to offer you a 10% discount on your order EVERY WEEK!

Just a few things to know about your subscription.

Your subscription will renew each Friday at 1pm. This is when the order is created and you are billed.

Subscriptions are super easy to adjust each week. First you login, then click the subscription tab at the top.

Here is the link to login (bookmark this link):

Next, decide if you want to start fresh or use the pre-created cart.

This is also the place where you PAUSE or RESUME your subscription. (Notice that this example subscription is actually paused. An order will NOT go through on Friday unless the RESUME button is pushed before 1 pm Friday!)

There is no penalty for pausing. Just remember to click the RESUME button when you are ready to get an meal delivery again!

Decide if you want to adjust "With items" or "Start fresh".

Now you simply add items that you wish to be on your order this week and remove items that you don't want to be on your order and click "CONTINUE".

Here is a short video showing you EXACTLY how to do this process:

Keep in mind that when you UPDATE your subscription you are NOT placing an order. You can still update and make changes right up until Friday at 1 pm.

I'm often asked if you get an email or any sort of verification that you updated your subscription. The answer is that you do not. We suggest that, if you're not certain if your subscription is updated properly, simply log out then log back in again. If your cart looks good then you are good to go!

Make sure to keep in mind that ALL subscriptions renew at 1 pm each Friday. You have up until that time to make adjustments.

PRO TIP: Get it done early in the week so you don’t have to stress about it later in the week!

What if you need to pause?

Don’t worry. No penalty for pausing. Just click that pause button and make sure to remember to resume when you are ready!

When you have finished adding and removing items click the UPDATE SUBSCRIPTION button.

A question people ask about is how your subscription cart is created.

The simple answer is that it is created based on your most previous cart. The meals will be different, of course, but anything in your cart one week that does not change will stay in your cart the next week.

Remember that you can add, and or, remove as many items as you wish each week! Just don't empty your cart thinking you won't get an order. The system won't allow for that and your cart will revert back to last weeks order. If you don't want an order on a given week simply click the pause button.

If you ever have any issues adjusting your subscription logging out and then logging back in again will generally fix most any issue!

If you have any questions please reach out to me and I will be happy to help.

Thanks again for committing to Empower Meal Prep. We value you and your decision!

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