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Success Secret

These are the most important words you will ever read from me.


While I'm not going to tell you this morning that I hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe, I do know the basic principle behind being successful as a human in said universe.

If you want to be better at something, you need to take these words to heart. If you want to look better, or feel better this will work. If you want to make more money at your job ,or start and grow a business this concept will help you. If you want to be a better parent, worker, church member, community leader or a better human then this will 100% work.

The concept is twofold.

First and foremost, be content with where you are.

Seriously. Take a breathe and notice all that you have done and how far you have come. But wait, what if you aren't happy with what you see? Or even disgusted with what you see and serious action is needed... NOW!

Perfect! Look around and evaluate. Learn lessons. Admit mistakes but give yourself credit for your efforts.

So, step one, be content with today because (and this is EXTRAORDINARILY important to acknowledge!) there is not one thing on this earth that you can do to change the past.

Accept that. Got it?

Part two is where the real action happens.

BE AMBITIOUS. It doesn't matter how, or what, or why.... just be ambitious for MORE!

I've done this each week for the past 5 years with Empower Meal Prep. Part of the reason that our company has been successful is that each week, no matter what the numbers were, we have been content and happy with the results.

We celebrated each time we successfully delivered the weeks meals!

But guess what else we ALWAYS did?

We were ambitious for more!

The first week we reached 100 meals we cheered BUT then immediately started to figure out how to get to 200 meals.... then 300 and so on.

I think that too many people beat themselves up because they aren't getting the results they want from their chosen endeavor.

If you can't be content, how can you be ambitious?

Each and every day you should count your victories.

Stand tall. Be proud. Tell yourself that you did your best because you certainly did!

If you don't do that success in life will be hard.

Now look to the future and be ambitious for MORE!

While it's alright to be satisfied with the past it's NEVER alright to be satisfied with the future!

Set goals. Take action. CRUSH IT!

I truly hope this short message resonates with you.

Be content today but ambitious for tomorrow.

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