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Happiness within

I saw this question posed on social media the other day so I figured I would share with YOU my thoughts on happiness: What is happiness to you?

The question really made me stop and think.

Sure, things can make us happy.

Money, experiences, people and a myriad of other outside "things" can add happiness to our lives.

Ask most people what makes them happy and you will get many different answers... many different THINGS.

When I first saw the question I had that exact response. Reading, hiking, spending time with my dog, building a business....

But do these things actually bring us happiness?


What actually brings us happiness is our DECISION to allow these things to bring us happiness.

Let me explain.

The way we look at people, experiences, and things is often subjective.

It's our level of pleasure that we assign to specific things is what brings us happiness.

While genetically we all see and perceive things on our own spectrum we still get the option to rate everything based on DECISIONS that we make.

So, in the end, whether we know and accept this or not, we CHOOSE HAPPINESS.

One more thing to think about (it's what ties all of this together so keep reading!) as you go about the rest of your week.

As you view happiness, and your abundance or lack thereof, make sure to think about both contentment and ambition.

What the heck does do those words have to do with happiness?


Be content that you have enough in your life to provide a level of happiness that is acceptable TODAY. Be content that today's things, experiences, and people are enough.


Want more from life each and every TOMORROW.

More and better things, more and better experiences, and more and better people.

Content for today but ambitious for tomorrow.

Learn THAT balance and happiness will hunt you down.

Hope that helps.

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I promise not to bite. THANK YOU for reading. Have an amazing day! ~ Rick

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