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Learn to embrace challenges

I love a challenge. The bigger the better.

If you are going to be successful in becoming more healthy and fit you are going to need to do the same.

Let me share with you the reason.

Think about something in your life that you accomplished. Something big. You graduated college or you got that job or promotion. Perhaps you won something or finished a race.

We have all accomplished things in our lives which took a lot of effort or really meant something.

How did that feel?

It felt great, right? Does it still inspire you? Do you get the warm fuzzies?

Chase that feeling and grow to you become more along the way.

When I was in high school our team set a goal to win the state championship in cross country. We did just that and it's a feeling that I vividly remember to this day.

Chase that.

To chase the feeling of success and achievement you must first embrace challenges.

EMBRACE challenges. Most run from a challenge or, at the very least, take it on with apprehension.

Embrace challenges that are big and small. Embrace challenges everyday. Embrace challenges that take a day, a week, a month, a year or a decade.

When you challenge yourself you succeed EVERY time. Why? Because it's the process of taking on the challenge that is important; not the success or failure.

Always remember that and learn to take on that perspective!

CALL TO ACTION: Take on a physical challenge today. Big or small. It doesn't matter. What challenge can you fight to achieve? Make it a real challenge. If you run 3 miles everyday don't challenge yourself to run 3 miles. You got that. Challenge yourself to a 6 mile run!

What is your physical challenge? Message me your personal challenge so I can help you celebrate.

All the accomplishments in the history of the world had origins in a person that made a decision to be challenged and to EMBRACE that challenge.

Learn to do this and do this often and you are going to be truly amazing at the persona that you are about to become.


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