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"I am responsible" by Rick Copley

I am responsible for the way that I a feel.

I am responsible for the way that I look.

I am responsible for the way that I am physically performing in life.

It is all 100% under my control. The actions that I take and do not take effect every bit of the way that I look, feel and perform.

It is my body and my responsibility.

Is this all true? Do you feel this way?

To be 100% honest this is exactly how I feel and I progress through this thing that we call life.

What do I know anyway?

Well. I'll be 50 soon and every number that they use to measure health is perfect on my charts. My body fat is around 5%. I can do many unbroken pull-ups or push-ups on a given day.... let's just say I'm pretty healthy and pretty fit.

I did this. I created this. I maintain this, and it starts with the decision that I am responsible for this.

So are you.

Sure. People like me can motivate you. Doctors can assist you back to health when you are sick. A book will inspire and teach you. But when all is said and done, the alarm clock goes off and your day is started, it's YOU who had to put two feet on the floor and get to living the life you want in the body that you want.

You have to deal with genetics. You have to deal with other people. You have to deal with the weather and the world we live in. Acts of God are out of your control.

With all this you still have the ability to adjust, to act, to believe, to change, to fight, to DECIDE to be more and be better.

Your health is your responsibility. Now and forever.

Accept this.

Embrace this.

Start acting on this.

CALL TO ACTION: Write on an index card the first five sentences of this blog post. Put this index card next to your bed. Read it each night before you go to bed and first thing is the morning when you get up.

Don't undervalue the importance of believe and responsibility.

This could be the one thing that you are missing.

I believe in you. Take responsibility and design the life and body that you want. Go. NOW.

How can I help?

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