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How to afford a gym membership

From time to time, when I owned a gym someone would tell me it's "too expensive".

There are also instances when a member quits and "can't afford" the gym anymore.

Listen, I get it. Our limited budgets are drawn in a lot of different directions with our lives, our obligations, our kids, vacations etc.

There are only so many greenbacks to go around.

So how do you afford a gym memberships that you can't afford?

Here is the simple truth: MAKE IT HAPPEN.

We've all been there. We need to find money for something that is very important. We sit down and try to figure out how to stretch the budget.

You are lying if you haven't done this.

So why do you quit the gym at the first sign of budget challenges?

The main reason is priorities.

Being part of a gym can run $100 or more per month. More than that if your family is involved. Plus you need to drive to and fro, have clothes to wear, the extra laundry, the experience of eating right and supplements.

It adds up but the first point that I want to make is this: It is important. YOU are important. If you can't make it happen on your own (which most people can't!) then you need to find a gym with a supportive community. This will cost money.

Let's prioritize our budgets.

While we all spend money in different ways maybe some of these question can help you THINK is a different way.

You health is important.

Is your health more important than soda, beer or cigarettes?

If you drink just a few drinks a couple of nights per week you could spend upwards of $50-$100 on alcohol. That's a gym membership.

Don't get me started on smoking. A pack a day can be over $150 per month.

Two sodas per day can run you $50-60 per month. That's almost a gym membership right there!

Is eating out more important than your health? An average dinner for a couple can run $25-$75. If you go out to eat 2X per week you can spend $200 or a lot more per month just eating out.

I just found enough money for a gym membership for a couple or even a family! Boom!

Where else can you spend less money?

How about you cable TV? Or your phones? Everytime I call my phone/internet provider they lower my bill. Try that!

What about your car payments? Downgrade your cars and save some cash each month.

I don't know. Be creative.

Sell some shit. What's around the house? Facebook marketplace and eBay and great for selling things that you don't need.

It's also a great place to buy stuff that you do need!

You get the point. I could go on and on.

You need to place more value on your health then on stupid crap. That's the bottom line. It's crazy that someone would pay more for the latest iPhone then a gym membership.

Drives me nuts.

When you are looking to truly get fit, and you find the right program for you, then make it happen. If you think you can't afford it go back to your budget you will find the money.

I promise, if you look hard enough, you will find the money.

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