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Are you focussing too much on the journey of others?

If you are then you need to shift that focus to the person in the mirror.

Seeing others succeed and fail is always going to be of benefit to you. Those that have massive success are an example for you. Those people are in inspiration. Those are the results that you want and when you see it happen you know what is possible.

Be inspired but don't compare.

Those that are failing in life can also be of benefit to you. Don't do what they do.

I once heard that your shouldn't compare your story to the story of others because they may be on a different chapter than you. This is so true. If you are a week into your health transformation you can't compare yourself to someone who has been at it for 5 years.

Don't compare apples to oranges.

My message today isn't intended to be about what you shouldn't do. I truly believe that there is much more benefit to focusing on what you should do or what you can do instead of hat you shouldn't do.

It's a better mindset.

Here is the what you should do: YOUR BEST.

That is it. always do your best when you are doing stuff.

Any task you do you want to do it to the best of your ability. Be meticulous with things. Be YOUR best in every situation.

That's it. YOUR best.

Why did I start off this post talking about comparing? I did this on purpose. I want you to know that it's never about where you stand against other people. It's about where you stand against yourself. Sure there are scenarios where you do battle with others for whatever reason.

Competition is good!

That's the point. To win in life, no matter that the contest, no matter what the game, no matter that is going on, you doing your best will always mean you win.

As an athlete I learned long ago that I'm not going to win everytime. Some people are just better and that's ok. This doesn't mean that I give up. It doesn't mean that I ever admit defeat. It just means that if I know that I gave everything I had then I win either day.

Are you giving your best on your journey?

Often times we think we are, but we really are not.

I had someone quit our gym the once because "financial challenges" and needed the money budgeted for the gym.

I hadn't seen this person once in the gym in the last 3 months. Was this the best this person could do or was the financial aspect simply an excuse?

I could share many similar stories which would hammer home my point but I will leave you with one last thought to take with you as you take on your day.

If you do your best ALWAYS then you are going to get more from life. If you focus on doing your best you will start to question if what you gave was your best. When this happens you will try harder next time.

If you always settle for lackluster effort which is clearly not the best you got then that is what you life is going to look like.

Go out today and do you best. Make your bed life it's going to be in a magazine. Brush your teeth like you are movie star. Heck, park your car at work so meticulously that you beam with pride when you walk across the parking lot.

When you learn the habit of always doing your best then your life will be the life that you want.

You got this. Do your best.

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