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Why we eat

Each and every day each and every one of us eat. We all put food in our mouth, chew and swallow.

All humans and most animals do it as well.

It's actually a prerequisite to living.

I just said something vital. I just said something that is pretty much the linchpin to you living a long and healthy life.

Did you catch it?

Eating is a prerequisite to living.

If we don't eat we can't live.

But there is a problem.

The problem boils down to, not why we eat in general, but we eat each time we eat.

We don't eat to entertain or to enjoy what we eat, or to celebrate, or to punish, or feel good. The reason that we eat is to nourish ourselves so we can live a great life.

Do you want to know the number one principle to healthy eating? It's EAT TO NOURISH.

I get it. You want to enjoy eating. You don't want to put stuff into your mouth because you think it's healthy and hate every bite.

I get it. You want to enjoy your food and I think that you should. You should also be able to eat whatever you want. You just need or want the right foods.

Putting something in your mouth should be for a purpose. That purpose could be energy, or vitality, or muscle building, or fingernail growth, or muscle recovery, or brain development and so on and so on. Lot's of reasons to eat.

REASONS to eat; eating can do so many great things. Eating nourishing foods empowers our bodies to grow and regenerate and heal and be energized.

When we eat to enjoy the food we are eating then that all goes out the window.

If we eat pizza and ice cream every night because that is what we like then our health goes sideways.

If we eat poor quality food because we are sad or rushed or lazy we just perpetuate the vicious cycle.

We try to make ourselves feel better with food that tastes good but doesn't nourish us. This leads to less energy, more fat, less good health, more injuries, more disease and, in the endless desire and ability to be a good human.

When we focus on eating to nourish then our bodies get more fit and we are more focused with better energy. As we become better humans we give more and are more.

It's how we design our lives.

So what can you do?

It's simple. Eat better. That's it. No diet. No plan really. Just eat a little better.

Change the way you nourish yourself and the way that you view your nourishment routine.

When you do this you will be empowered to change more and more until one day you look in the mirror and the person that you want to be is staring back at you.

You can do this. I know you can.

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