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What is a fit life?

If you have been reading this blog you have learned some things being getting and being fit and healthy.

We have talked about nutrition, mindset, exercise and supplementation. In the coming entries I am going to dive deeper into these themes to help you to create a fit life of your own.

But what is a fit life? What does a fit life look like to you and to me?

While it will look different in your mirror than in mine there are going to be some commonalities. We all are all humans after all!

Living a fit life isn't about being perfect. As soon as you go down that road you miss the point of what a fit life can and should be.

Being fit and living fit shouldn't stress you out. It should never be a negative thing. It should always be positive!

I like to think of the 80/20 rule. Living fit 80% of the time with some fun mixed in is the best way to live. Sure, for some times intervals you may want to be more intentional with your health and that is fine but there will be other times that you need to relax and not worry as much about it.

It's about balance.

Living a fit life means you move your body often. I would say that you need to exercise everyday but that doesn't mean you can't sit around watching TV on a Saturday afternoon. It's OK to relax from time to time.

It's even OK to skip a workout a day or two per week. Not a big deal. Think 80/20.

The way you eat is the same. It's never alright to eat fast food. But to go out to eat and indulge in nachos, a burger, dessert and a couple of beers in 100% fine in my book.


Eating a candy bar as a snack each day is not ok but if you want to have a piece of cake at a birthday party then you shouldn't worry about it.

I hope you get the point.

To live a fit life means that most of the time you are doing things that make you more healthy and fit.

If you live a fit life you go for a walk or a hike more than you enjoy wings and beer on a Saturday afternoon.

When a missed gym day is rare then you are living a fit life.

When you eat more vegetables than you do pizza then you are probably living a fit life.

If you set personal goals and read and listen to positive books and podcasts then you are living a fit life.

I am going to be 50 soon and I have lived each each day of all those years fit. I have enjoyed my fit life and it is the only one that I have ever known.

I haven't been perfect and I am still not perfect.

It's never been about perfection. It's always been about being just a little better. It's always been about being healthy and happy.

Don't put pressure on yourself to be anything more than just a little bit better version of yourself.

If you do this each day then you will also live and enjoy a fit life.

Hope that helps.

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