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Victim Mentality

One of the biggest challenges that, we as a society have, is victim mentality.

So many people play the victim role, that it literally makes me sad each and every day.

Stop being a victim. Start creating the life you want.

You are not a tree. You are not a rock. You are not a mountain.

You have to stop being the victim. Stop it. Now.

What does it mean to be a victim?

It means a bunch of things.

Blame for your circumstance.

If you blame your mom, your teacher, your town, your state, the government, MTV, McDonalds and anyone or anything else for anything that is wrong with your life then you have a victim mentality.

If you first search for someone or something to blame then you are a professional victim. This is a choice and it's something that you have to get past of you ever want to have success in ANYTHING.

Making excuses.

If you seek first for an external reason that you mess up then you are being a victim.

"I smoke because I am addicted..."

"I eat pizza every night because my kids don't like my cooking...."

"I quit the gym because I don't have money..."

Trust me when I say that I see right through your boloney.

This is just you playing the victim.

Blaming "who you are".

Do you "always" quit what you start? Do you "always" go back to drugs? Are you "always" late because that's how you have always been?

These are all classic victim mentality. Please stop. This attitude is a choice and it's doing you no good at all.

Feeling sorry for yourself.

We all do this at times, don't we? We look in the mirror and feel bad that we are fat or broke or ugly or sad. It's a mindset that we have all had. It's victim mentality.

Putting yourself down in private, in public and to those close to you.

"I'm stupid..."

"I can't believe I did that again..."

"I'm such a moron..."

"I'm the fattest one in class..."

"I always quit...."

I could go on and on but this is also classic victim mentality.

Who are you? Are you a victim? Are you mad at me reading this because you think I am talking about you?

If you think I'm talking about you then you are playing the victim.

Social media rants.

This one is so common that's you see it every day.

"What is our world coming to?"

"People are so crazy..."

"What's wrong with people?"

This is all victim mentality.

Life happens. Stuff happens. Sometimes life dumps on you over and over and over and over.

That is why life is so wonderful.

We each get the opportunity to face challenges and overcome.

When I was thinking about today's entry, as I fell asleep last night, I was first going to share with you some personal challenges that I have faced. My thought was that doing this could give me some credibility to you if you have a victim mentality.

I decided not to do that. Some of the personal challenges that I have faced are just things and not important.

I decided not to share today because I don't want to be a victim and I don't want you to be either.

We all play the victim from time to time. Let's work together to stop doing this.

Accept responsibility for the person you see in the mirror. Work each day to change the way you look, the way you feel, the way you think about yourself, what you think, what you say and what you do.

These are all things that YOU have the privilege and the opportunity to control.

Stop letting your past shape your future. How about learning to let your TODAY shape your future. Learn from who were in the past but define in your own terms who you become in future.

Learn but don't dwell. This is very important.

Stop blaming others for who you are. If you want to become more then look around at your circle of influencers. Are those the people that you want to help you share next week, next month or next decade?

Learn to empower yourself and not demonize yourself.

Learn to accept that the world is out to help you and not out to get you. The world actually is conspiring to make you better and not the other way around.

One scenario. Two thought processes. One is victim mentality. One isn't. You decide.

Scenario: You go to the gym and work hard. You suffer in your workout. You get up the next day sore and tired.

One thought process: I am the most out of shape person at the gym. I am so sore it hurts. This is too hard. I feel stupid. I can't keep up. People at the gym were looking at me funny. I don't fit in.

Another way to look at the same scenario: I'm sore and tired but I know that I need to do this. My kids need a healthy parent. The people at the gym were once where I was and they all encouraging me. I feel like I did something. I look in the mirror and I see the future and not the past. I am responsible.

I could go on and one. Do you see what I am talking about?

A couple of years ago a mom of two came and did one workout at our gym. She never came back. Her friend came back and told us that she said, "It was too hard".

Victim mentality.

A few years back a lady named Natalie came to our gym. Her first workout was just as hard but she came back again and again and again.

A while back Natalie posted her before and after pictures on Facebook and got dozens of likes, comments and congratulations because of her amazing results.

Then her two boys workouted with her every night and their lives were made better.

A while after this she faced a moment of decision; a challenge on her journey. It would have been easy to quit if she played the victim. She FOUND A WAY and she did this because she is responsible and she refused to play the victim.

This topic is one that is on my heart today and I hope it makes you mad.

If it does then one of two things is going to happen.

You are going to play the victim and start looking for holes in my theory.

Or you are going to stop playing the victim, get your shit together and head out the door today to kick life in the ass.

The choice is yours. Take a moment to think about what you are going to do next like your life depends on it...

...because it does.

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