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Sunny Day

Yesterday was super serious. Yesterday was harsh. Yesterday was life altering. Yesterday's post was a classic post that affected me emotionally. Yesterday.

That was yesterday. This is today.

Today I want to switch gears. Today I want to talk about the sun.

I do love the sun. If you ask my wife she will tell you that I seem to like rain and cloudy days more but that really not true. I love the sun.

I love the feel of the sun on my face. I love the way the sun makes things look. I love the warmth of the sun.

The sun gives life. The sun is life. We can't live without the sun.

The sun also causes problems. Our skin will burn; water evaporates. The heat from the sun can affect you in a very negative way.

The sun is a double edged sword.

Switching gears a little.

I generally don't wear sunblock.

There are two reasons for this. I am getting a little sciencey, anecdotal and a little opinionated here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Would you drink sunblock? Do you want to chemicals from sunblock in your body? Did you know that chemicals get to your bloodstream quicker though your skin than through your stomach? Yeah.

The second reason is that it's a myth that the sun cause skin cancer. No, I'm not going to share links or site research papers. You can look this up and do your own research if that floats your boat.

From my research I have deducted that you have a greater risk on getting cancer from the chemicals in sunblock then from controlled sun exposure.

I said what I said. Feel free to do the research.

So, if I don't use sunblock what do I do to protect myself especially living in the "Sunshine State"?

I love to get exposed to the sun. I love to get tan. I also obsessively run from the sun when I've had enough.

Anyone that has spend time with me outside knows that I ALWAYS have a hat on. ALWAYS. If I am at the beach I will even bring my hat and sunglasses out in the water with me. My head is very sensitive so I can only spend just a few minutes in the sun without protection.

I also take my shirt off all times of the year when there is sun. This gives my lots of exposure which builds "tolerance" and gives me a smoking hot tan which my wife digs.

Just being honest folks.

The shirt goes back on as soon as I feel my skin getting too warm.

I also run for cover when it's time.

You see, when you are in tune with your body, you know when enough is enough. If you wear sunblock all the time you don't develop this skill.

I love the sun and I get an much as I can... to a point.

The sun is life. Embrace the sun. Get sun on your face and soak in its life.

Just remember that the sun, like many other things, is a double edged sword. It brings life but it also takes it away. Too much sun and too many burns can add too your risk on skin cancer.

The sun also dehydrate you so make sure to drink plenty of water.

Be smart. Be safe. Don't lather on the sunscreen. Get out and enjoy the day and enjoy the sun.

You deserve health and happiness.

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