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Rainy Days and Mondays

The key to your success in every area of your life is the way that you choose to perceive things.

Your mindset will determine who you become and how you perform on this and all future trips around the sun.

I absolutely love Mondays and I love rainy days.

This is the exact polar opposite of what most people feel about these uncontrollable circumstances.

Once recently, as I listened to the pitter patter of rain on the roof on a Monday morning, I have the amazing opportunity to experience both at the same time.

If you get upset, frustrated, stressed out or mad at things that you can't change and that we all experience, you are never going to be truly happy.

We hate Mondays because we hate our lives. We hate our lives because we don't take responsibility for building the life that we want. We don't accept the fact that we get to design this life. We think that life is a raging river and we are just along for the ride. Mondays are an icy waterfall.

What if we change that perception?

What if we love our life and view Mondays as an opportunity to begin a new week. New goals. New adventures. New opportunities.

That is how I view Mondays. I love Mondays because I love my life and the gifts that are in each new week.

If you don't love Mondays take a look at your life and start to change some things.

One thing that I would take a look at is your mindset towards things that you can't change.

How about the way you feel about the rain?

Rain renews. Rain builds life. Rain is life. We can go for weeks without eating if we need to. We would perish in a matter of days without drinking water.

A rainy day is a just a day where drinking water falls from the sky. Tell me again why that is a bad thing?

Some people want all days to be sunny. Don't get me wrong. I love sunny days as well but we need both for life.

It's perception.

To me a rainy day here and there makes the sunny days all that more nicer.

With a paradigm shift from hating Mondays and rainy days to one where you love this combination will help you to build a better life.

When you see things different you change your actions. As your actions continue you effect actual and meaningful change for the better in your life.

CALL TO ACTION: Today I want you to love the day no matter which one it is. Smile more. Do more. Be more. Write down a list of 10 things that you are going to do before in the next week to make your life better. It doesn't matter what those things are. 10 things. Make them small but make them things that make YOU better. Read a book. Join a gym. Don't drink soda. Make a meal. There are so many opportunities.

When you view the outside, uncontrollable world, as opportunity and not obstacle you have unlocked the secret to happiness.

When you learn to use the uncontrollable acts of nature, things like time, the calendar and the weather, to your advantage you have found the building blocks of your life by design.

Enjoy your day. Stay hungry for better. If it's rainy grab an umbrella and enjoy!

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