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We all need a way to find peace. The cool thing about this is what we get to define what "finding peace" is in our own way. It's called freedom and I like it!

For me peace is many, many things. I think the ultimate peace for me is when I am outside exploring a new trail, reading a book, relaxing with my wife or playing with my dog. I literally feel whole when I do there things.

Where do you find peace?

Some people find peace in reading a good book or seeing a good movie. Some people work out. Some people go out for drinks. It's all ok. It's all good if it gives you peace.

While I want to keep this positive I do want to give you a bit of caution.

Does your "peace" bring you or others down? Does your peace hurt anyone in anyway?

If so then it's not peace.

I said that having some drinks with friends could be your peace. Getting drunk and wreaking havoc isn't peace. If this is you then you mindset needs to change.

Also. Is you peace overwhelming the rest of your life?

Finding your peace at the beach is fine but if that's all that you are thinking about all week, and that is the ONLY thing you look forward to, then you are missing the point.

We all need to find peace in our life. If helps us to push through challenges and to grow as a person. It grounds us and it centers us. So many ideas I've had in my life, that have helped me, have come to me in a moment that I am at peace.

If the place you find peace isn't something that is crystal clear to you let me share some ideas of where to find your ideal peace.

Where you find peace should be someplace that gives you value in other areas of your life. For me hiking is ideal. I get a little exercise and I find my inner peace. Ideas flow and I feel that my body and mind gets reset each time I am out on the trails.

Your peace shouldn't bring you down. Don't find peace listening to heavy metal or rap music. Don't find your peace in politics or crime shows on Netflix. Remember that finding peace should help you to be better. It should reset your body and mind.

It should be easy to access. For me a hiking trail is a 10 minute drive and a good book is just steps away. If you can only find your peace once a year on vacation or even a beach an hour or more away then how much value is that you you?

Remember also not to overdo what you consider your peace. For some it may be simply 10 minutes of medication each day. That's cool! Or maybe a book to your toddler. Yes!

Don't try to go the beach every single weekend thinking THAT is going to give you peace because of you are living to find your peace you aren't going to have a very good life.

Last thing. Finding your peace is essential. Essential for what? When you find your peace then the rest of your life will be better. That's the key.

We don't live our lives to find better peace. We find peace to live a better life.

This is the secret my friends. Hope that helps.

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