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Negativity is Dense

In life and, especially in fitness, positive and negative thoughts and actions are not created equal.

Far from it.

The way I view it is that negativity is dense.

Don't agree? Try this. Tell your spouse you love her (positivity) every day for a month. Then tell her that you hate her (negativity) just once. See what happens.

You understand what I mean? Negativity in both thought and action is more dense than positivity.

What are thoughts and actions? Thoughts are something that we really do control. What you tell yourself at all times can and will have an impact long term.

Tell yourself 100 times you are strong. Tell yourself one time you are weak and what are you? Weak. You are not weak.

Actions are things that we physically do or say with our thoughts. What happens when recovering alcoholic decided to drink just once?

Negativity is dense.

So how does this apply to you and how can it help you?

Let's keep the message simple today.

CALL TO ACTION: Know in your heart and your mind that negativity will bring you down more that positivity will build you up. Just know this and you will be better off.

If you want to say something negative to someone. Don't.

If you want to think a negative thought about yourself or someone else. Don't.

If you want to take negative actions in your life. Don't.

Just don't. Take a look at what in your life is negative. Replace with positive.

Let's look at a metaphor that will make senses.

Picture a successful life (However you want to picture a successful life; it's totally up to you) as measurable in dollars. A bank account if you will.

Each negative thought and action requires you to take out $100. Each positive thought and action gives you $1.

Is the difference that big? I would argue that it is. Remember this analogy the next time you say you are "cursed" or "nothing ever goes right".

Replace the negative with the positive and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Hope that helps.

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