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If you were to buy one piece of exercise equipment to help you on your journey I would start with a kettlebell.

We use kettlebells all the time. They allow for many dynamic movements which enhances both metabolic conditioning and increases overall strength.

The best movements for health are always going to be body weight movements. This is your starting point.

The next thing that you need to do is to add resistance.

Kettlebells are the best for that.

Here are 4 reasons that a kettlebell is your best first purchase for your home gym or just to add some general fitness to your life.

1. COST. In general you will pay $1.50 to $2 per pound. That a pretty good deal for something that is so versatile.

2. SIZE. Kettlebells aren't that big. They can be stored in the corner of your closet or behind a dresser. They can fit anywhere!

3. VERSATILITY. You can do MANY different movements with a kettlebell. (More on that in a minute) A kettlebell can be carried, lifted, pressed, swung and even thrown. It is a very versatile piece of metal.

4. SHAPE. Dumbells are awesome. Don't get me wrong. I love dumbbells BUT a kettlebell is designed to be more "user friendly" and comfortable with the way the handle is. The form of a kettlebell allows for easy pick up and put down and it's comfortable against your body if you are holding it.

So if you get a kettlebell what size do you get and what do you do with the thing?

I recommend that, it you only get one, ladies get a 15 if your are just getting started and a 25 or 35 if you are already in great shape and want to enhance your workouts at home. Guys, same concept. 25 to start or a 35 or 53 if you are killing it already.

What are the best exercises?

There are lots of things that you can do with a kettlebell. I am going to list my 7 favorite exercises and, if you want to learn how to do them simply go to YouTube and search the name of the exercise. YouTube has a plethora of videos that will help you get started!

1. SWINGS. When we had our gym we did kettlebell swings ALL THE TIME. This move strengthens the entire posterior chain and kicks up the heart rate. One of my 3 favorite overall fitness moves.

2. SDHP. (Sumo deadlift high pull) Very similar to swings. Great for a strong back and a strong heart!

3. GOBLET SQUATS. Squats are essential (and underutilized!) move for your health and wellness. Add some resistance and you will shed more fat and add more muscle guaranteed!

4. FARMERS CARRY. This is a core builder, grip strength enhancer and kind or fun, if you ask me.

5. THRUSTERS. This move is a cardio killer. It also builds overall body strength and posture. This move and the farmers carry can be done with one or two kettlebells.

6. SNATCH and CLEAN. Similar moves that, if done right, will jack up your heart rate big time and get your core crazy strong.

7. STO. (Shoulder to overhead) Doing a press while standing on your feet is the single best way to build shoulder and core strength at the same time.

There are lots of other ways to use kettlebells. These are just my favorite.

If you are looking to set up a home gym a selection of kettlebells is essential.

If you want to do add to what you do already purchasing a kettlebell is a great starting point.

You are given one body to go through life with. You might as well build it to the best it can be.

Want some personal guidance setting up an effective routine? I can help.

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