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How to get the results you deserve from your gym workouts

You take the time to get your gym clothes on.

You pack your gym bag. You "interrupt"your life for an hour or more to go to the gym for a reason. Right? You want to lose weight. You want to get buff. Whatever. You make the effort and you want the results.

Sadly, many aren't getting results. You aren't getting results because you aren't doing the right things.

Hey, you are going to the gym anyway, you might as well spend your time wisely.

In today's short video (just 6 minutes) I share with you the 3 questions to ask yourself about your gym routine. Did you answer YES to all three? Good, you are on the right track. Was there a NO in there? Then make the necessary adjustments to ensure you get results.

Knowing what to specifically do at the gym can be a challenge. Sure you be on the "right track" but maybe you have big goals and are willing to put in the the work to get there but all you need is some appropriate direction.

I've been programming workout routines for decades. It's something I love to do and it's a service that we offer.

If you would like workouts programmed for you, and delivered to an app on your phone each day, let's chat. Set up a FREE 20 minute coaching call and I will share with you how this service will benefit you by saving time and enhancing your results at the gym.

Don't hesitate as I have limited time spots available. Click the link below to schedule your free call.

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