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Picture in your mind a movie scene.

A struggling man is in a stormy sea fighting to stay alive. A rescue helicopter has arrived and a life line is dropped into the ocean to save the struggling soul.

The dying man is desperately grasping to get the cord. The dying man is giving every last bit of energy and will power to get ahold of his only hope for survival.

They dying man can do only one thing: he can give everything he has for that one goal. The goal is survival and instinctively he will give every last bit of himself to get that life line.

The result of his effort is life or it is death.

Pretty dramatic scene, right?

I put that picture in your mind today to illustrate a point. This point you may have seen or you may not. It may resonate with you or it may not.

The difference between success and failure in life in general, as well as bits and pieces of our lives, depends on two things.

Number one is how much effort we spend grasping.

The dying man in the ocean your know is going to give 100%. What about the man who is 100 pounds overweight and someone reaches out with a life line. How much effort is THIS man going to put into graphing for THAT life line?

Something to think about.

The second part is what we put effort into grasping for.

You see, it's been my observation, that success comes when we are fighting for "survival". Success comes when we are grasping as hard as we can for what is going to make us better.

An example is a person that keeps going to the gym no matter what the obstacle when the weight loss goal is what he or she is grasping for.

If you view your fitness journey as important as the man in the ocean you are going to be grasping for every inch of what you need to be successful.

It's life or death and you know it. These are the people that succeed.

Then there is the other type if person. There is the type of person that spends all their time grasping for the next excuse to quit.

Sadly these are the more common type of people and I see it everyday.

A while back we had a lady in our fitness program. I'll call her Jennifer.

Jennifer was making progress. Jennifer was showing up and losing weight and gaining confidence. On the outside she was succeeding but it was clear on the inside that she was still the same person that was grasping for a way to quit.

When the slightest way out came she grabbed it and she was gone. We having seen her since.

Are you getting a clear picture of this? Are you understanding how your grasping for that "life line" or "excuse line" is the difference in your success or failure with your fitness journey?

I see it with money all the time. Someone that really isn't committed is going to grasp the first excuse to come along. Sometimes it's money.

"My husband is changing jobs..." So the first thing you do is to give up the most important thing in your world which is your health?

It's a terrible mind set that I see over and over again.

Your mission from here on out is to grasp for success; to scratch and claw your way to a better body any way you can.

Let me give you an example.

Let' say you are working on getting in shape and you hurt your wrist. Those people that are grasping for an excuse will quit their gym membership. "I'll start back when the doctor says it's ok..."

The true winner will spend hours and hours walking, doing squats, doing sit-ups and working with a coach to modify workouts.

Each and every day I see people give up or set themselves back because they are grasping for the wrong line. Instead of grasping for the life line too many people grasp for the excuse line and this isn't the way to win long term. Never has been and never will.

Fight to grasp that life line with everything you have. Pretend each day that you are that dying man in the ocean because you are. It may take years but eventually no life line can save you.

Grasp while you can. Your life depends on it.

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