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Give your all

This is Mike Powell. He is a long jumper.

One night in 1991 he was competing in the finals of the long jump at the World Track and Field Championships in Tokyo, Japan.

His rival was Carl Lewis.

Carl Lewis was the Olympic Champion and the defending World Champion.

Carl Lewis has JUST BROKEN the world record which had been set way back in 1968.

By just broke, I mean one round earlier so the new world record was like 20 minutes old.

Carl Lewis had won EVERY SINGLE long jump competition that he had entered for 65 straight times. He hadn't lost one time is almost 10 years.

Mike Powell was up against some pretty tough odds.

Did he resign himself to 2nd place yet again?

Who would blame him, right?

Not Mike Powell.

Mike Powell stood tall and did the same thing he had done thousands of times.

He ran down the runway and he jumped.

On that 4th jump, on that hot night in Tokyo, Mike Powell would set the long jump world record that still stands after nearly 28 years.

The lesson?

No matter the odds. No matter the challenges. Just do your thing and give it your all. You never know. You just might defy the odds.

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