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Don't beat yourself up

There are enough people out there that are going to be jealous and judgmental. Some of these people may criticize or belittle you. Welcome to the world we live it.

There are plenty of critics out there. They suck. Don't help them.

I constantly see people beating themselves up. They are disappointed with the scale not moving or a bad choice or they twist their ankle stepping off a box.

Stuff happens. Life isn't perfect. Take your lumps and fight on.

Negative energy is the killer of results. Being "disappointed" with your results only leads to more disappointment and eventual failure.

I found this in a Facebook group that I belong to: "I'm so disappointed and mad at myself right now I'm crying right now as I'm typing this..."

It went on and on and finished like this: "I don't wanna quit! I can't quit! I need help! I need someone to encourage me and tell me, you can do this!"

The post also detailed several things that this person was doing that were, frankly, wrong if her goal is weight loss.

The biggest thing she is doing wrong is expecting the journey to be smooth and the results to come easy.

As soon as you beat yourself up you set yourself back. This is a choice. If you have a bump in the road WHY do you want to make the journey harder by bringing yourself down?

You don't.

This person may well need some help and encouragement but it starts with the person in the mirror. The first thing that I would tell her is to take the post down and to never post something like that again.

I don't want to beat this person up but I wanted to use this as an example for you. This is how NOT to get results long term.

Back in January many thousands of people set out on a health journey with good intentions. Sadly most are back in the shadows waiting for the new year to come around again.

I hope that you aren't one of these people.

I sincerely hope that you are one of the people that are crystal clear on the fact that health and fitness in a lifestyle that you need to focus on the journey each and every day for the rest of your life.

There will be victories. There will be setbacks. All of these are simply landmarks along the way.

The true value in the journey is the way that you look, feel and perform. If it's not going how you would like it to go don't beat yourself up. Double your efforts!

Last thing. I debated in my mind whether to share this or not. I decided that there is value in it.

The beating yourself up step is one of the steps in the process of quitting. It sets you up with an "excuse". Or it's something to blame.

Most times, after rants like the one described above, what follows is silence because he or she quits and they do it because there is now a reason.

If the person doesn't quit the journey becomes much harder because depression and disappointment in yourself NEVER fosters a good environment for long term results.

There will be ups and downs along the path to better health. Embrace both and keep fighting each and every day.

This is how you achieve success in life and this is how you live, what I like to call, THE FIT LIFE.

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