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Dad Bod

A few years back the term "dad bod" was coined. Basically it was created to make unhealthy men feel better about themselves.

Welcome to the "everyone gets a trophy" and there are no losers mentality of the new era.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not about insulting or judging or making people feel bad for themselves. Really I'm not.

I'm also not all about making it alright to be unhealthy. If you want me to tell you it's fine to be a bit overweight because you are a dad or you are busy or because of any other bull shit excuse then you are reading the wrong blog.

If you are ok with your "dad bod" you need to get over it, swallow your pride and read what I am about to write.

Unfortunately, in today's society we accept being unhealthy as a part of normal life. We create reasons and even cool little phrases like "dad bod" to prove it's ok.

I am talking about men in particular here. I am going to talk about a similar topic with ladies tomorrow but for today men, and the women who love us, need to pay attention.

As men age we tend to get unhealthy more gracefully than the ladies. It's just a fact of human genetics and societal norms. Men tend to hide being unhealthy much better.

As a way to accept that it's ok to to ad a little weight and lose some overall health we have made this ok and now call it our "dad bod".

Dude. It's not ok. A dad should be a healthy example for his family, not a guy that thinks it's ok to either be, or look, unhealthy.

Here is the main problem with the "dad bod": It's an indication of what is going on inside.

As we transition from late 20s to 30s and into our 40s, if we are unhealthy, men will lose muscle tone, add fat, lose posture and lose vitality. These outward signs also point out a bigger problem.

During these years a lot of men develop diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, cancer and a host of other health problems. These can all be traced back the lifestyle choices that leads to the dad bod.

Like I said before, sometimes guys still look pretty good in clothes as we come towards middle age. Even when we take our shirts off at the beach we may have a "beer gut" or a lack of muscle tone but it's alright, we are dads!

Not alright. When you accept a "dad bod" as a fact of life you are also accepting deteriorating health. What you see on the outside can be a sign of what's going on inside.

The point is that we need to stop accepting mediocrity. We need to stop accepting bad health in any form. Our standards are getting lower and lower. We are rationalizing our excuses more and more.

It all needs to stop.

Men. Look in the mirror. If you see a beer gut or loss of muscle tone from your younger years it is a sign that you need to get to work. It's not a time to make excuses.

Your kids are your reason and not your excuse.

Man up and stop with the "dad bod" shit. You are better than that. Get to work. Your family needs you.

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