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The quality of your life begins and ends with your belief in yourself.

Take that with you.

You must believe in yourself to a fault. You must believe in others. You must believe in the process. You must believe FIRST then you take action.

It begins with belief.

You need to believe that you can get the results that you want. If you believe you can then you must believe that you can do that it takes.

If you believe then you will act as such. It may not always be easy but the process must happen and it must happen with belief FIRST.

Don't ever discount how important this is.

Most people quit their fitness journeys because they lose belief or they never believed to begin with.

When you get knocked down why do you get back up?

You get back up because you have a purpose and now you have believe that you are doing the right thing for the right reason.

This can and will happen again and again.

Believe in the power of your purpose, believe in the great that is going to come from what you are doing. Believe and you will achieve. It's not just a corny saying. It's the honest to God's truth.

What if you believe but you still don't accomplish what you set out to do?

This happens, but don't you think that you will be further ahead towards your goals than if you had done nothing at all?

Let's say you goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Big goal and a challenging one! You believe in yourself so you train hard and go to your qualifying race.

But you "fail" and you finish a couple of minutes short.

But what if you never believe and you never tried?

You never would have done all that hard training and you wouldn't be in such great shape.

You get the point.

All great things in the history of the world started with belief. You can create whatever greatness YOU want in YOUR world. All you need to do is start with believe.

The journey believe and ends with believe and belief it is a choice.

No matter what you want or why you want it the just believe and the rest will come.

I believe in you and YOU should too.

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