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There is a old Toby Keith song with line: "A little less talk. A lot more action."

There. That song is in your your head now. You're welcome.

In fitness, specifically, YOUR fitness and the level of health that you have, depends on your talking less and taking more action.

I was at a conference once and I had a birds eye view from way up on the upper reaches of the stadium. A speaker said, "Who's going to earn the company incentive trip?"

A sea of hands went up and cheers rattled from every inch of the facility. 180 people earned that trip out of the 25,000 people that were there that day.

Lot's of talk. Not so much action.

Watch social media in January. Lots of people talking about the gym and the latest and greatest diet that is helping them lose weight 10 pounds at time.

This chatter dies down pretty quick as the weeks go by. Too many people spent too much time talking the talk, and not walking the walk.

Take action. Stop talking about taking action. Stop snapping pictures and posting them to Instagram every time you workout.

Listen. I love a good workout picture. They are fine. Don't stop completely. A cool shot every once in a while from people that work out every day is great. It's can be inspiring.

Work harder on your fitness than you do on your Instagram account.

Reading and researching are good too. Heck, I want you to read this blog every day for sure, but don't get caught up in analysis paralysis. Going for a 30 minute walk is a million times better than reading a book on meditation.

You can never go wrong if you take action.

Stop talking about what you are going to do. Stop making plans. Stop setting goals. Stop reading books. Stop all things that aren't getting you out of breath.

There will be time for all that. First you need to head out the door. First you need to take ACTION.

Stop talking about what you need to do. Stop rationalizing why you are unhealthy. Stop looking for shortcuts. Stop planning the best way to start.

Get to work. Take action. Learn as you go. You won't always do the right thing and it won't always be pretty. It certainly won't always be fun.

But when you consistently and intentionally take action good things will happen. Adjust your sails once you start moving but you won't go anywhere if you don't just START.


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