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Updated: Jan 3, 2023

2022 was a year of great challenge for Teresa and I.

What would life be without some challenges? Right?

As we move with intention into 2023 we are facing the challenges head on and, regardless of the outcome, 2023 will be the year that we did our absolute best despite, all that we have been given to overcome.

Right now we have 2 major challenges which we must face, and we will face.

One challenge I can’t discuss publicly yet. Those in our inner circle know what this is and, in due time, I will eventually address, but not yet. (Trust me when I tell you, it will be sooner than later…)

In late 2021 Teresa’s knees started to hurt her.

After having her right knee drained twice and 2 MRI’s she was finally diagnosed with a meniscus tear in her knee.

Surgery was scheduled early in the spring and, during the surgery, the doctor discovered that she had a compare rupture of her ACL.

A few weeks later the doctor went back in, removed her ACL and give a her a cadaver graft.

The procedure was very painful and the first few weeks of recovery was extraordinarily challenging but Teresa’s fought through it.

Late in the summer she had her 3rd knee surgery of the year to repair a torn meniscus in her left knee.

She worked through that like the trooper that she is.

From May till December Teresa did EVERYTHING right with her rehab on her ACL repair (typical rehab for this surgery lasts 9-12 months). She did PT twice per week, went to all her appointments and even did ALL the at home routines that her therapist gave her.

She had a personal coach, she ate right, she did her stretches and EVERYTHING else she was told to do.

She also had support from not only me, but also her family, and online friendships she developed with others in similar situations.

For 7 months she was the most compliant ACL graft recipient there ever could have been.

Sadly, there is a 20-30% failure rate for cadaver grafts and it looks like she is among the unlucky ones.

About 3 weeks ago she started developing pain in her surgical knee. It has gotten worse and worse or over time. She got an MRI and when we received the results we now knew for sure what Teresa has suspected for a while: she has torn her graft.

What now?

She has an appointment with the surgeon on the end of next week. Not sure what he is going to want to do but the likelihood is high that she will have to start the entire process over again.

It is beyond frustrating for us but… it is what it is.

Teresa is tough and she will fight through this no matter what it takes.

So there you go. A year of challenges moves into another year of challenges but we will fight through them as you suspect we will.

I’m not certain many are going to bet against us. Probably not a good move…

Being unable to live her normal life is challenging for Teresa. Words of encouragement are definitely appreciated. Make sure to reach out to her if you want to support her. She really does value every one she is in her corner!

One we fight!

FYI, there is another challenge, like I said but I can’t / won’t talk publicly till next week. Yes, we will crush that one as well and still make for a BETTER 2023…

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